Monday, November 12, 2007

The Imperial Golden Pillow Pancakes

This is a yummy-in-my-tummy snack, which is quite easy to make. But hey, pancakes have always been yummy on its own anyway. Deviating from our usual pancakes, Golden Pancakes has an addition of surprise sponge secretly tucked inside. You can choose to make them in square or rectangle shapes. And of course this is an interesting way to modify your basic sponge cakes, giving them a delightful twist in taste and presentation. During cell on Friday, we ended up eating them with ice cream. Verdict: Thumbs up! Greg calls them The Imperial Golden Pillows.

1 no of 8" X 10" thin sponge cake (refer to recipe for sponges)

1) Cut into equal rectangles or squares

225gm of butter
90gm of sugar
90gm of plain flour,sifted
1 no of egg
5 no of egg yolks
150gm of fresh milk

2)Melt butter and sugar, stir till sugar dissolves.

3)Add plain flour and continue stirring with a hand whisk till creamy.

4)Add egg and egg yolks. Continue stirring.

5)Add fresh milk and continue stirring till smooth.

6)Heat a 8 inch or so on non stick frying pan with medium fire. Pour a scoop of batter onto the pan and cook the batter thinly over low to medium fire. When pancake is almost cooked, place sponge piece on it, wait for 30 sec or so and wrap like a parcel in the pan. Dish out and place on dish. Serve.

The recipe can make approx 12-14 no of golden pancakes.


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

looks so good but so much work...

Greg Wee said...

Nee: haha..when eating, it is worth the work. talking about diet before christmas. to lost weight like this. when start blogging even more inspire to cook and bake, when cook and bake how not to taste a bit here a bit there.

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