Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pickled Chillis

Greg has been bugging me for this thing. Every time we have Kolo Mee or Kuey Tiaw at home, he would go on and on about how nice it is if there was Red Chilli Padi sauce. I have a bottle of Green Pepper Chillis from Yi Po but he still wants his red. So, yesterday I could not take it anymore and decided to do up a bottle and shut him up.

Anyway, Chillis are going for RM6/kg, really fresh as well. Pickled chillis are very nice with fried and soupy noodles, rice noodles and rice sticks. It's always handy to keep a bottle at home. Here's the recipe.

40 gm of chilli padi
220gm of red pepper chillis
1/2 bottle of white vineger
40 gm of sugar
3/4 tbsp of salt
A clean glass jar with tight lid

1) Clean red pepper chillis well and cut to round slices. Put them on a metal strainer and shake so that seeds can loosen from the chillis. Clean chilli padis and leave them as they are.

2) Boil white vinegar with sugar and salt. Let it cool slightly.

3) Place some chillis into the jar, top with some chilli padis and pour some vinegar on top. Alternate till all ingredients finish. Let it cool before covering with lid and store a few days in the fridge before eating.

Tip: Dont pour hot boiling vinegar mixture straight into chillis as you do not want to cook the chillis. Cooked ones will turn soft after storing for a while.
Use warm ones as you just want to kill the bacteria and the chillis will retain the crunch.

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