Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Puppy Power 4: Updates

It's been a while since we really got down to visit my in-law's pups. We were wondering how they were doing. So we dropped by one afternoon to have a peek.

Much like the speed of development in Kuching, we were shocked to find this.

Hoolamak! It's a single-storey detached bungalow! It's bigger than Ting Pek Khing's T2!

My father-in-law actually got someone to built a house for those 3 wittle pups of his. It looks like those 3 pups are really moving up fast in high society & luxurious living.

They've all grown a little more than last time now.

Ah Beng's black patches have decided to travel to the other continents on his body & become spotty.

Ah Seng is slowly maturing in to a Hong Kong pop idol.

And Ah Khiong remains the same.

And they're still as psycho as ever when they see me. Oh look! It's the same pair of pants I wore on my last visit. No wonder they're just ripping it apart.

Here they are, enjoying their new home.

Then out of nowhere Ah Khiong decided to show me a David Copperfield trick.

It was escape from Alcatraz.

Like that also can.

I think we really need to fatten up this little thing.


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

another funny post...nee, is greg really so funny all the time??

Roger said...

Not as cute as they used to be...Wondering if they would be bark at me when I get home this time.... hmmmm

Greg Wee said...

Anuty Terri: No, Nee says I'm silly most of the time, not funny.

Roger: Beware! The doggies are all under my control. I press the button & they'll execute my command! MUAHAHAHA Actually, far from it. They're all out of control. heheheh

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