Monday, November 26, 2007

Post Christmas Crepes: A Recycling Project

Today is exactly one month to go before Christmas! Tis the season of joy - the joy of eating to be more exact. Yes, we're guilty. We've already started our year-end binge-ing two weeks ago. It started with a small family get-together, then it snowballed into an annual dinner & more family anniversaries. The snowball is still rolling, and we're still eating.

I am not worried about what to eat for Christmas. The worry is more with over-eating. And of course after every Christmas there will be plenty of leftovers. And the idea of throwing away food is not practiced in this part of the world. Growing up, we have always been constantly reminded by either our mothers or Sir Bob Geldof of the starving kids in Africa.

So this is a little Post-Christmas food recycling project.

170 gm of plain flour, sifted
1 cup of milk (can be low fat)
1 cup of water
2 no of large eggs
2 heaped tbsp of melted butter
1/2 teasp of salt
1/2 teasp of baking powder
some butter for the frying

1) Put the flour, salt, baking powder in a bowl and add milk and water gradually as you stir the mixture to a even batter.

2) Lightly beat eggs and add to batter. Continue stirring.

3) Add melted butter. Continue stirring to an even smooth batter. Strain through a sieve for any lumps.

4) Heat a 7 to 8 inch skillet. With medium fire, add 1/2 tbsp of butter. When butter bubbles, add a scoop of batter. Turn skillet slowly so that batter can flow evenly around the skillet into a thin round piece. Leave cooking.

5) Check after a min or two to see if the bottom is lightly browning. If the top bit looks cooked, i.e not wet, add filling and roll into a swiss roll like log. Dish out, fold the two sides down and place in a cupcake cup.

Suggested filling:

Leftover roast/steam/boil meat like chicken, beef or lamb

Vegies and Fruits like avocados, mangos, cucumber, tomatos

Mayonaise added with some lemon juice and condensed milk to enhance flavours

Sweet fillings like blueberry, strawberry, raspberry with fresh whipping cream or banana and red bean (my favourite)

Crepes is savoury so any sweet or savoury fillings are nice. I did mine over the weekend with chicken, mango and mayonaise. Greg says: 'Saliva coming out like waterfall.'


IguanaKia said...

Did you make those?
Looks really nice....

Greg Wee said...

Hi there. yeah i made them over the weekend for lunch. try it out. not so hard.

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