Monday, November 26, 2007

Chicking Eating House

Hainan chicken rice is one of the best things ever invented by man. In fact, it is the most appreciated contribution from the Hainanese community ever to humankind.

In Kuching, as in elsewhere, it's not difficult to find good Hainanese Chicken rice that rocks. One of the places that we often go back to is this one.

It took us about 4-5 times going there to actually realise that the name meant Chick King as in King of the Chicks. p/s I think that's his Royal sposs car there.

They've definitely made an effort to zhng the interior of the shop.

It even has it's own customised cooling system.

Simply ingenuous!

What else can you say to that, except, COOL.

When you're there with a few friends, it pays to order for a group. Otherwise they will skimp on the chicken for one person.

They gave us a generous half a chicken for 3 persons.

The best part about Hainanese Chicken Rice is that they make the chicken look & taste as tender as fish.

16 & 17 sucks. The brown onions on top give it a very bitter burnt taste.

I never thought much about the side dishes here. After all, we came here for the chicken. But Nee ordered their Thai Style Tofu (No. 12).

It came looking like this, which was pretty gorgeous. Fried crispy tofu in sweet sour sauce.

We took a bite & agreed that it was the best thing we've ever had in a long long while!

NEE: To be completely honest, this place would score about 7.5 to 8 out of 10. This is because like any Hainan Chicken eating places nowadays, somehow I find the chicken a little bland and tasteless. Somehow, the chickens are not as nice and sweet as it used to be. Sad ya. The vegie dishes always have the tendency to have burnt red onions topping. Other than that, everything else is nice. Definitely can try.


IguanaKia said...

Is this Hainan Chicken Rice shop near to the Petanak Market one? New shoplots there rite?...I spotted it once, but i haven't have chance to go there and try. From your pics look tasty ....

Greg Wee said...

it is in petanak next to kaya and toast.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

greg, u forgot another great hainanese contribution: hainan kopi!

psst. the chicken looks bland but still delish. i bet it was slippery like do they do tt??

Greg Wee said...

Hainan kopi? Where? Sorry, I wasn't paying attention. The cooling system in the ceiling was distracting.

LOL. Never thought of it that way. Yeah, careful when you eat the chicken, it'll just slip past your teeth & straight into your tummy.

Tutu 孝莹 said...

The other branch at jalan rambutan really made me have no appetite! The worker seems can't deal with hygiene

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