Thursday, October 4, 2007

Now Everyone Can Cook Lamb!

This is a cute wittle lamb. Aww.

It's fleece is as white as snow. Aww.

It's hard to imagine how something like that...

... can end up like this. (Sorry, Greg is a little gross and too imaginative, Hope your appetite is not spoilt)

As a working wife whose hubby would not cook even if he is dying of hunger (not even maggi mee), I am always in need of more time and more one-pot-settles-all dish. Aunty Agnes our good fren told me about this dish few years back and thanks to her, this is the easiest yet nice way of cooking lamb. It has prob deviated from her recipe cause I modified here and there. I normally do this if i know i will be having late meetings or seminars and would not be home in time to cook a proper meal.

This is a one pot goodness and all you need is a slow cooker pot:

3-4 pcs of lamb shank cut to about 9-12 pcs (your butcher can do this, they have machine)
2 stalk of fresh lemongrass, lightly pounded
1 big onion
1/2 medium ginger, lightly pounded
3-4 medium tomatos (more if you like it sourish)
2 medium carrots
2 medium potatos
1 teasp of mixed herbs (McCormick will do) or you have fresh Rosemary, Basils, Oregano even better
1-2 tbsp of light soy
1-2 tbsp of maggi seasoning sauce
1/2 cup of water
salt pepper sugar to taste
Celery (optional) I dont put this cause Greg is not keen on it (Greg says: YUCK!)

1) Wash and clean lamb of its blood. You can quickly boil with hot water and one piece of ginger if you are super sensitive to lamb smell. (Greg says: Aww. Poor wittle wamb)

2) Cut a big X on bottom of tomatos and and bring it to boil. This is get rid of the skin. Cut it into small pieces

3) With 1 tbsp of oil, lightly pan fried onions and ginger. Add lamb. Cont stirring and cover for a 3 minutes or so with medium fire.

4) Transfer mixture to slow cooker, add tomatos, some carrots and potatos about 1/3 portion(set some aside for later), lemongrass, herbs and sauce, water. Cover and cook at Auto Mode.

5) Before serving, turn to High and add rest of carrots and potatos. Cook til vegies are tender. Add salt sugar pepper to taste

If I do this at 8 ish in the morning, it will be more than ready by 5 pm. As George will complain, slow cooker food is lacking of oomph in taste. And Greg will usually say "Ya. ok. nice." = not absolute superb but yummy enough to eat. Well, that may be true and the lamb will be so soft that it falls from the bone. But heay Aunty Agnes raised 4 beautiful kids while working as a full time accountant. This dish had certainly save many days. Trust me, pour the sauce and meat over your rice and dig in. It is yummy. I do have another way of stewing lamb shanks that is slightly more complicated but certainly more refined. Stay Tuned!


Fern said...

Hello! Thanks for linking up too. =) Yea my blog's just a little update on my life. Your blog is really interesting..looking forward to trying out your recipes!

Greg Wee said...

Hi hi. do give me feedbacks once you try anything. would be more interesting tat way. Roger is a real fussy pot when it comes to eating at least he is with my cooking. so it is not too late to start feeding him so that he is used to your cooking haha...a way to a man's heart is through his tummy. got some grain of truth in there.

Sie Ai Ng said...

Wahh Sim Nee...makes me wanna go hunt for Lamb Shank this weekend at Stop & Shop in Middletown, USA. Great recipe for busy student like me who doesn't have time to cook a decent meal. this is great!! Anymore good and nice recipe using Slow Cooker? I utilize that aaaaa lot !! And your S'wak Laksa makes me SOOO HOMESICK !! I dont have time to cook that yet altho I imported the S'wak Laksa paste here. A matter of time.
Do you have any recipe for cooking Nasi Lemak's Coconut Rice? Also the Nasi Lemak Sambal?? I have anchovies here with me, but very hard to find Fresh Red Chilies. Any suggestions? What about Hainan Chicken Rice? How do you cook the Rice for Chicken Rice? And your recipe for KOLO MEE, please... Awww... makes me salivate. I really miss Sarawak's food. I can only imagine what it takes like from the photos. Awwwwww...
Thanks !!!

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