Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bay Kay at 3 Months

Baby Kay is 3 months old today. From a little scrawny baby, she has miraculously transformed into an overfed monster.

I want more of what I had just now, and I want it now!

Although she is still smaller compared to other full-term babies, we could now feel the difference in her weight & robustness when we hold her in our arms. 

She's been really packing it in and if this doesn't look like a full-fed, satisfied, happy baby, I don't know what does.

Both Nee & I are beginning to believe that she's a bottomless pit. She's just taking in however much we give her. It's senseless binging.

At this point, she mumble-complaints when we give her water, cos there's no milk in there.  She doesn't do pacifiers (which is a good thing) cos there's no milk coming out of it & she knows it's not the real deal.

The words on her T-shirt is a misprint. It should say I LOVE MY TUMMY instead cos Mummy is just a means to an end.

But this also means that she's growing (but not hair). We're not sure if she's developing at a normal pace as she's just beginning to give clear smiling responses, having more tendencies to flip now & able now to hold up her head like a chicken.

At her young age, she also amazes us with her agility & propensity for martial arts, namely Wing Chun...
and also kickboxing...



To our horror, she has been transforming into a horrible nocturnal creature; sleep by day, awake at night to torment innocent souls.

We have to remind ourselves again & again not to be fooled by her innocence.

But each time we see her looking like this, we have lost the battle entirely.


rogermht said...

Man she looks so big and long in these photoes!

What kind of milk is she drinking?!

I suspect I might be one of the shorties in the family soon!

NEE said...

she is pretty long. around 60 cm now. 5.5 kg. miraculously she start feeding from my breasts recently. so she is getting breastmilk direct and expressed.

but sometime twice a day o so we supplement her w formula because i am too tired to feed her. we give her S26. what i have as a baby and both you and raymond lausai after taking.

we are serious to say tat she eats a lot because she does not care about her teats. you give her dr brown she takes, nuk she takes, my breasts she takes. can swap anytime. it is the milk she cares about.

terri@adailyobsession said...

gosh she is so cute! and she's a lot bigger than when i saw her. she looks like nee, greg and even megan lol! i didn;t hold her bc i didn';t feel so clean (early morning flight) but next i see her i might be holding her baby bro!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

The father speaketh true!!

Keep your patience for the journey is long...she is going to be your sole terrorist until she is 35!!!

The soothsayer speaketh from experience...hehehehe

Greg Wee said...

Reply to Sarawakiana:
(as in Hollywood movie slo-mo explosion scene)

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