Monday, April 4, 2011

The Adventure Begins!

Despite our pleas & bibery, our confinement lady left us yesterday evening. So last night both of us were left alone with Baby Kay. She's on a 3-hour feeding interval and we thought we could outpace her by getting things ready even before she wakes. Well, we thought we could. That's as far as we got cos we were flat after every feed.

I think both of us are looking like pandas now. And the news is that it's only the first night. A friend told me that by the 3rd night, we'd be goners.

There is no Greg & Nee. Greg & Nee do not exist anyore. It's only Baby Kay & everything is about Baby Kay. Pretty soon this blog is just going to be Baby Kay on the Go! cos Greg & Nee is not going anywhere.


mezzo solo said...

well done new parents. take it slowly and keep us updated with news of your baby Kay... hope your days be full of JOY no matter rain or shine.

terri@adailyobsession said...

hahaha, i know exactly what you mean! i didn't know tt it was going to be that tough too. ppl who have kids don't tell you tt. they let you join in and when it's too late, they tell you:) tt's what i'm doing.

but you know, there'll come a day, when kay is around 3, and you think tt hey, it's not so bad. you may even start looking at each other with possibilities, like you are a man n a woman, not just a father n mother. and tt's when pop, out comes another bundle of work/joy.

i really am enjoying seeing how others cope *grins like jack nicholson* ah, parenthood. when you are good at it, the kids are grown.

Nee said...

Thanks mezzo for your well wishes. we shall try our best to keep things going for the blog.

A Terri: friends don tell you these things when you don have a kid i suppose. To childless couple, their fav comment - enjoy being just the two of you. We had 6 years of that. Now is the time of sleepless nights, smelly diapers, bathing struggles and many many more tug of wars to come. Because she does not come easy, we just try appreciate to be given the opportunity to do it.

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