Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Singapore Trip 2009: Day 2

We know you guys can't wait for the Taipei postings, so we'll finish the Singapore ones pronto. Sorry, we just have to get this out of the system before we can start new ones. It's like detoxing.

A Singapore trip is never complete with the Orchard Road experience, especially when it's near/during Christmas. We were there a week before Christmas and the festive decors and lighting were already up.

In Singapore, one can really feel the festivities of Christmas albeit it being rather commercial. But this work of creativity is worth the walk.

This was one of the newest shopping malls on Orchard, The Ion.

We didn't really explore much inside cos we thought it felt like any other typical shopping mall. Plus, Nee wasn't really on a shopping spree this time around. WHEW.

This one's for NEE. I couldn't believe it but somehow I knew, she enjoyed the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic on the plane ride to Taipei recently.

It was a whirlwind tour of Ion, something like a snap-we-were-there kinda thing. (Whoever heard of a mall tour before?) We had to rush off to this place at Suntec City 1 cos it had a Japanese buffet lunch & it ends at 2.30pm. Why does our trip feel like The Amazing Race?

This was Kuishin Bo upon Terri's recommendation. And we trusted Terri's thumbs-up! So we just cannot miss it even though we only have something like 50 min before closing.

This place did not disappoint us. They did not scrimp. It in fact beat any local Kuching hotel buffer in terms of food and price. For S20.90/RM50 not including taxes, there were generous portions of sashimi laid out & waiting for us, even though it was near closing time.

Faced with such time limitation, we piled our table with as much as we can, out-kiasu-ing the Singaporeans. NEE: There were salad and cold cuts counters; sushi counters with assortment of sushis, makis and temakis; teppanyaki section where they cook fresh the ingredients you choose; hot food sections and chawan mushi sections and not to mentioned Greg's favourite desserts counters.

I loved the desserts. You can pick anything with your eyes closed & it's good. Loved the cream puffs. Had double-triple helpings. I love you Kiushin Bo!

We then headed back to Orchard for some lighting views and ended the day with real Singapore Chicken Rice in Singapore. Dinner was with Nee's ex-uni-mates at Boon Tong Kee. Also mentioned in Terri's blog.

I think we ordered to many kinds of side dishes that night. You might not want to do that when you're here cos the other dishes can overpower what's supposed to be the highlight, pure original unadultrated roasted/steamed chicken. NEE: It could well also be we finish the kiasu-stuff-ourselves-silly lunch at 2 30 and started dinner around before 7 pm.

Nee felt that the chicken, especially the skin, was excellently smooth. I couldn't discern much of it cos having too many dishes on the table was confusing.

The secret to having a good Chicken Rice meal is to keep it simple. Just chicken & rice. That's why kids love it. But it does go well with smaller helpings of sides like tofu, kailan & bean sprouts.

NEE: A good place for chicken rice alright but the other dishes are quite average really.


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