Monday, March 1, 2010

The Arrival & Departure of the Little Tigers

As quick as they arrived, they were gone.

The Year of the Tiger brought us these 3 freeloading furballs which appeared out of nowhere. We found them one morning at the back of our house about 2 week sbefore the CNY. I think they somehow knew how to pick the right house. But that's easy. If you're a food blogging hungry homeless tramp, you'd pick our house too.

The mother cat was probably shocked that we took her pictures without her permission, this being her first encounter with papparazzi. But if you saw the look on our faces, we'd probably looked just as shocked.

We didn't really wanted to encourage them but neither did we want to chase the poor little family away, especially when the kittens were so cute. So we didn't really interact with them, neither did we give them any food cos the mother cat was busy bringing little critters like dead lizards to her kitties. We thought that was a good deal cos it was like paying for their rent. Clear our house compound of those critters & you'd get to stay for free.

This is was Sylvester.
On the night before CNY eve, a grouchy looking, puffy-faced, ugly grey male cat came by & bit Sylvester by the neck, puncturing the back & front of his neck, & left him to die. It was a cowardly thing to do, & If I was there at that time, I'd have slapped the dang cat silly, & plucked out all his fur. 

Sadly, Sylvester didn't survive the CNY despite our efforts to force-feed him. I think his internal injuries were far more serious than we thought. Thinking back, he might have had a better fighting chance if the vet was opened, but this was CNY. Nothing was opened.

And as quick as it came, it was gone. And we pondered about the cruelty of nature. Truly only the fittest survive.

And that left us with 2-1=1 kitty left. And this one was a girl. So we thought at the very least she won't get killed by another male cat.
And then when I opened the back door one fine morning, she wasn't there any longer. Guess what. I found her on the main road on my way to work. Dead.

So that's zero kittens left. We felt sorry for the mom but there was more to come. That night, our neighbour suddenly popped up & asked about the cat. They complained that she had been hiding in their car engine chasis & puked on their car, & they wanted to discard her away to the housing estate on the other opposite side.

Not really knowing how to defend this guilty-as-can-be feline, I gave her away with a heavy heart, & with full regrets for the rest of the night. We pondered away the whole night on the what-ifs & finally decided that if she came back the next morning, we'd buy her a collar, start feeding her, & keep her.

Guess what. She was back like clockwork the next morning.

And so I bought her a collar with a little bell. And a bag of salmon chicken Whiskas biscuits.

Now we've got another problem. Her heat is on & that means the male cats are on to her as well. But I really can't write anymore. It's either going to sound romantic or X-rated.

So as fast as they came, they went, & only mommy cat stayed. We won't know how long she'll stay for, or the neighbour will abduct her again. We're thinking whatever happens, at least she has a collar on, & that will gain her a more humane treatment.

For now, Nee is caling her Miu Miu, like the Miu Miu from Prada. I roll my eyes.

Oh by the way, this was supposed to be a Happy Year of the Tiger post.


Muminmiri said...

Still waiting for your Taiwan trip details coz we are planning on going there ourselves....

ssblurqueen said...

There is something inexplicable - human attachment to pets. I suppose it's because of the unconditional love displayed by these animals.

I am sure the two kittens have crossed the rainbow bridge and are having so much fun chasing each other at the other side where there are no prowling male cats or cars.

Greg Wee said...

Muminmiri: When are you going?

ssblurqueen: Thanks for the words of consolation.

wbk's sis said...

aw, sorry to hear about the 2 kittens. the only way to keep the mummy cat 'safe' while u guys are away would be to get a big cage...not the most 'pet-friendly' solution but i guess the lesser of many other evils...

terri@adailyobsession said...

oh this is one of your best posts greg! so funny, the way you write makes me laugh out loud. "slapped the dang cat silly". i'm not a cat person but i do admire their regal grace n i think tigers are the most beautiful animals created.

so sad about the two kitties. i know how you feel, guilty n helpless bc i've been rearing kampung chickens for the last 3-4 months n the first two batches of newly hatched chicks disappeared day by day until we found out who took them :cats!now we keep the new chicks in a cage until they are bigger.

the mother cat looks fabulous. i'm sure you'll get kittens very soon.

ann said...

am so happy that the cat found a home with you. pls spay her soon to avoid unwanted kittens. I spayed all mine and they are happier and healthier too.

Abdullah said...

Cats are a sore topic for me at the moment.. Out Persian disappeared 3 months ago... dunno where the bugger is... dunno if ran away, or got stolen or what..

Damn sore...

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