Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 2: Hoedeobbap at Gimpo Airport

We woke up early on day 2 cos we were excited to get to the airport. Our flight to Jeju island (yes, the official honeymoon island for Koreans) was at about 10am. We took a free bus shuttle from Gimpo Hotel Airport to Gimpo Airport, which only took 2 of us & nobody else, & we got there in about 5 minutes.

We have booked our flights earlier online with Asiana Airlines, which turned out unknowingly to us to be the best airline of the year or something like that. So that was fine & dandy. A return flight to Jeju from Seoul costs about RM520 per person & it take about an hour with one complimentary drink. :) It was a very comfy flight cos the seats were definitely larger than Malaysia airlines. The plane was very clean, so were the flight attendants' skin & uniforms. Reminder to self: remember to buy the Korean beauty face masks.

Now, the real reason why we wanted to be at the aiport earlier was because we knew they won't be serving food on the plane. So the plan was to have a good Korean breakfast at Gimpo Airport after we checked in.

We found a restaurant which had quite a number of customers and naturally that's where we went. Our mantra has always been something like if you're stupid, just do what everyone else does, & you probably won't go wrong.

The restaurant felt like a food chain cos you'd have to pay first at the counter & they'd give you a number to collect the food yourself.

We were more cautious that morning cos we didn't want to overeat before a plane ride, so we ordered just one Hoedeobbap meal to share. It was like Bibimbap except that it was rice mixed with fresh glorious sushi topped with salad trimings & an alien special sauce.

When it went into our mouths, our first thought was why haven't we come across this before, why didn't we know it even existed before, & why haven't we thought of making this ourselves before? It was such a simple & ingeneous idea.

But of course, there was the missing ingredient - the alien sauce. But of course again, do you think Greg & Nee will let that slip away from them?

We hunted it down at Namdaemun when we got back to Seoul again. It's called the Hoedeobbap sauce for a lack of its own special name. But it's actually vinegared red pepper paste. Don't ask us what else is inside it. We'll have to start talking to our Korean friends.

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