Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 2: The Arrival in Jeju Island

As much as we were excited about Jeju, leaving Seoul after one day felt like an unfinished business. We were both curious & at the same time a bit anxious about what Jeju could offer us. Our preconception of an island was a place with lots of sea water, lots of sand, lots of sky, lots of sun, & nothing else. What were we going to do for 5 days on a remote island? I looked at Nee, & she also looked back at me. It looked like there was going to be a lot of looking between the two of us for 5 days.

We arrived at Jeju airport at 11am & quickly proceeded to find our way to Haevichi Hotel. The first thing that we realised was that Haevichi was pronounced as HEYBITCHY. The second thing we found out was that there was a free shuttle bus to our hotel at Haevichi. The third was that the bus only leaves at 12.30pm. And since the guy at the information counter told us that it'd take only 15 mins to reach the hotel, we decided to take the cab.

The cab ride took 50 mins & it was more expensive than we thought it'd be. 40,000 won (RM120) & that really made us feel like two Malaysian suckers. Here's something that we'd like to share with you. We'll call them Things Which We Found Out Too Late:

TIP #1: Koreans always get their zeroes mixed up. 50 mins can become 15 mins. 50,000 can become 5,000. When you're there, always make sure to make it really clear when dealing with numbers.

TIP#2: When you come out of Jeju airport, there would be two taxi lanes. DO NOT take the one on the left as its for foreigners who get charged more, unless you think you're a Malaysian, & you know better, Malaysia Boleh & all that. Like us. We got suckered.

But despite all that, we were glad that we got to Haevichi early & in one piece. Haevichi turned out to be a big 5-Star hotel which could do some serious damage.

Do you see the stars yet? All 5 of them?

The place was quite empty cos we arrived in the middle of the week. But even when people started to come in during the weekends, the crowd was small. I guess it's still a relatively new hotel.We found out that the normal rates here was like RM1000 per night. Yup. My mouth opened like a capital 'O' & I almost wet my pants. But we knew we were lucky. Because they had a special promotion, we had gotten the rooms earlier for only about RM390 per night.

The room made both of us felt like we could live there indefinitely, so long as someone else's paying the bills for us.

The bathroom was separated from the bedroom by a 3-piece frosted sliding glass door (not in picture). It's just the perfect kinky thing for those young honeymooners.

Then Nee finally hit the jackpot. She has found her Golden Toilet for her Royal Golden Arse.

This is the Royal Arse Washer to Nee's delight.

Our room was just next to the Jeju Folk Village which emitted recorded folk songs intermittently. But fortunately, they were more atmospheric rather than a disturbance of peace. We were so deeply immersed in Korean folk songs for 5 days that Nee was able to sing it in her sleep.

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