Friday, May 15, 2009

Three Mothers at Four Points

Almost everyone that we knew were at Sheraton Four Points Hotel in Kuching that nite on Mother's Day. We've actually heard a lot about how good Ting Pek Khing's buffet was. So, considering Kuching to be a very small place with limited choices, the Four Points had to be the place to be. So Mother's Day it was at the Sheraton.

There were three mothers:

My own.


and my aunt who's kids are away & we thought it'd be a good idea to have them with us.

Sorry, no photos here. :)

My bro-in-law. Single, young & available, with good future.

The general outlook of the hotel & the height of its ceiling lends a bit of class to the place. Although the general comment that you'd hear is that the interior materials used are less desireable, very much obviously so especially in the toilets. But of course I'm not going to show you the toilets. This is a food blog after all.

But what you may get is the feeling that it's really a Ting Pek Khing Foochow job - fast, BIG & at the cheapest possible. But nevertheless, it was the place to be.

The spread that night was pretty good. There was an Italian corner where the cook will quickly whip up the pasta of your choice. Obviously we skipped the roasted chicken rice & the bryani section. There was also a barbeque department outside but we were not that keen on meat.
That night, we walloped the oysters.

And the sashimi.

Interestingly, there was even ginseng soup.

This is Nee making ais kacang without the kacang, cos they ran out of it.

We thought that ending the night with a good cup of coffee & tea was excellent.

There was an orchid show on the First floor, but when I got there, it was already closed. I only managed to capture a couple of shots.


Roger said...

4 points ? Sound like 4 seasons wanna be..But the food looks good for buffett

NEE said...

heay dont you know that 4 points is the lesser version of 4 seasons by sheraton. it is like novotel and soffitel. they belong to the same management.

i heard some stories about you interesting how come nvr call me.

marlene said...

Hei, you cut short your hair ka? VERY NICE OH! BTW I am back to malaysia.

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