Saturday, May 16, 2009

Melbourne Day 10: Yu - U

We were surprised this place even had a name!

From the looks of it, it's one of the wierdest restaurants that we've ever come across. Located on Flinders Lane on the Russell Side, it really takes all the street smart intelligence to be able to find this place. Somehow we got the feeling that it seemed to be saying Please don't come if you can't find us.
Roger had been talking about Yu- U since the day we arrived in Melbourne. But somehow, we've only been able to fit it into our schedule on our very last day, 3 hours before our flight.

Yeah, right. This place really needed advance booking alright... NOT.

We really didn't know if they were really full all the time, or just plain eccentric Japanese.

But, in spite of all its eccentricity, the food IS good, and not overly priced, and they looked like this:

Do not touch your mouse. Do not reload this page. There is nothing wrong. As part of its eccentricity, Yu U does not allow food photography in its restaurant. That is like probably saying, Bugger off bloggers, we dont need business. The whole place is exuding. We're not doing business. We're only opening a restaurant!

We apologise for camwhoring. Left with no photos of the food, this is the only thing that we can offer you.


MonkAre said...

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Anonymous said...

You TOTALLY CRACKED ME UP! So funny with the note! It's not a bad idea to put THE blogger's face on the site every once in a while..
take care
Sarah CHAN in Singapore

Greg Wee said...

Do I look like sushi?

Mom with a Mac said...

No, but pretty "Hang-Sum", even my mother agrees! Take care!

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