Monday, April 27, 2009

Melbourne Day 6: Tea at Miss Marple's

Whenever we are in Melbourne, we try to spend a day at least outside Melbourne. This round we decided to go to the mountains. Don't get us wrong, we're not into the business of hiking and rock climbing. We are after all two lazy bums from Kuching who cannot survive without civilised toilet s & modern transportation. (Greg: that was Nee speaking for herself)
Mt Danedong is something like 45 min to 1 hour drive from Melbourne City via Springvale Road and Burwood Highway. It was a nice & cool day but then Roger had to do the curvy winding road up to a little town called Sassafras & that made me woozy, & I was sitting at the front okay.

We'd like to think that everybody else who came up to Mt Danedong would be heading to Miss Marple's Tea Room, just cos we were.

Being not familiar with Agatha Christie's books, it took us a while to figure out who Miss Marple was.Miss Marple was a cosy little place that seemed to be packed almost all the time.

You can't make reservations by the way, so the best was just to try our luck & we had some that day. There was a table for the 3 of us, but the 2s, 4s and others had to wait for like one hour even though they got there first.

Greg, who doesn't find British food appealing, thought that this was his best meal in Melbourne. So I'm still trying to figure him out. Maybe British food cooked in the Aussie way, he likes? Does that even make sense?!

Anyway, it was a typical British heartwarming meal. The hot piping pumpkin soup.

Warm cottage pies with cotton soft mash.

The chicken asparagus fingers just made our day.

We ordered a huge sundae to share but it wasn't much to shout about. We just saw someone having it & thought that it looked good.

and finally Ms Marples famous devonshire scones. is nice on its own - soft, warm, huge & yummy served with raspberry jam and whipped cream.

I really thought scones were supposed to be the denser kind of soft like the ones we had at Fortnum & Mason. But these ones were really cakey, a bit too cakey for our liking. For some reason they used whipped dairy cream instead of clotted ones. So if we were to compare London's scones, those were heaven and these were just plain earth.

But still, on the overall, i am still salivating looking back at the photos now.


Roger Ting said...

Hey my face looks so fat!

terri@adailyobsession said...

agree totally about the cakey texture. it's not scones, it's cake. nice but not the real thing.

NEE said...

Hi a Terri, great mind thinks alike.

woei roger we think that photo you look like a cute tortoise....try imagine.

Roger Ting said...

If I have used some facial products , I must be their most favourite customer... Their product life cycle will drop to zero day immediately!

Mom with a Mac said...

yummmm, me miss Aust! ..and UK for that matter, sigh!

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