Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Melbourne Day 6: A Day at Mt Danedong

Here are a few selected pictures which I took at Mt Danedong. As always, the highlights of my holiday trips are usually the scenic places, away from the hustle & bustle of the city. Maybe deep down inside I'm just a hilly-billy Tarzan boy.

Daisies have always been my favourite flowers. I admire them for their simplicity. Despite their minisculity, they hold a timeless classic beauty. It's one of those wild flowers that are tenacious as they can breed, I mean pollinate, & survive anywhere, quickly. And they don't cost RM20 a piece on Valentine's. Roses are evil.

I don't know what these are but they remind me of two unrelated things; ice-cream & the microphone in the recording studio.

This was what you can see almost everywhere in Melbourne now. It's full of little patches of yellow leaves. Autmn is coming & it's looking beautiful.

This quaint little tea shop was just next to Miss Marple's. Even before we could finish reading the sign board, Nee was already in there.

I took a peep inside & it was full of tea leaves & women. You'd think that coming up to a place like this would bring some appreciation of peace & nature, but these women were just shopping in the mountains.

After lunch, we drove on up to a scenic place (I can't remember the name, Roger help!). Most of the photos are already up in our previous post. As Nee & Roger spent quality brother-sisterhood time together, I played with my not-so-new camera.

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