Monday, January 19, 2009

Short Post: Nee's CNY Update

Hi. Greg here. I'm writing on behalf of Nee. Just a little update on her CNY preps.

The sun is finally out for today & Nee's keropok has been awaiting for something like that. So they're now sunbathing out on the porch.

Nee has now completed the bulk of her Lapis cakes (her orders & her own) & also incredibly managed to squeeze her own bisuits (Kuih Momo, Pineapple tarts & Seaweed crackers) in despite the fact that you can buy them from outside! She disagrees with the quality.

I'm bringing her keropok up to my mom for further drying & she'll be helping out with the frying. In the meantime, Jo just brought over a whole bunch of keropok as backups.

This afternoon, Nee will finish off the marathon with two final Yam Lapis orders. Next week will just be a few cheese cakes for our own serving.

Keep on reading. We'll have more updates. I think this is sounding as interesting as the election & flood reports combined.

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