Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 4 in Paris: Cafe Beaubourg

There's a cafe on Rue St. Martin that looks quite popular despite it's minimal decor.

The first thing that you'd notice are the rows of chairs facing outwards, a very odd but normal practice in all Parisian cafes. Maybe that's why they don't get along with Americans.

The second thing that you'd notice is that it's just next to the modern art gallery, Centre Pompidou, which is a very popular spot for street performers & artists.

Well, you can't see any at that moment. Sorry to say, but the old dude on the left is not one of them. It was still too early in the morning & they're all probably still asleep.

The national past time of Parisians is to look at people. They spend all their afternoons drinking wine like water & eating their baguettes. They do not work.

We didn't think that Cafe Beaubourg had anything special. It was more of a popular spot where people hang out to watch other people. But we did get to try the infamous French Citron Press & their hot chocolate.

The hot chocolate was heavenly. It was like Milo multiplied by a hundred. The chocolate was super rich, super thick & super aromatic.

Although Nee absolutely loved the Citron Press, I just couldn't take it. One sip & my face shrunk & everything got pulled into the middle, like there's a blackhole there. This is the most evil super sour drink ever conceived by humankind.

Needless to say, you could walk into any cafe in Paris with your eyes closed & their baguettes & butter would be top notch mou tak teng.

And an exceptionally plain scrambled eggs.

I don't exactly know what a French waiter's job description would be. But I think it shouldn't be difficult to guess - know the menu well, take orders, crack jokes, make customers happy, carry ten plates on one arm, get rid of flies in the soup & to serve with speed.
But what I didn't know was that waiters at Cafe Beaubourg can also do bicycles.

Ahh, I'd have to say it again, Cest la Vie!

Two Malaysian bloggers in Paris trying to act local.

Geez, it's that old dude again. I think he's stalking us.

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