Monday, September 15, 2008

The Mid-Autumn Project

Yes we are alive. We have been quiet but we were around. We've been busy with work and the mid autumn festival. This year we ate out. Saturday was with my parents and brother. Sunday was with Greg's family at the courtesy of my BIL and wife, Chiang and Winnie.

It is wonderful to celebrate Mid-Autumn Fest with families. This is a time for family and reunion and to the Chinese, it's a celebration which is as important as Chinese New Year. The moon's roundness and fullness signifies the same for families (complete and full of joy).

Also it is something like Greg and Nee on the Go's 1st anniversary. I remember one of our earlier posts was about me making mooncakes. So all the more meaningful this Festival is to us this time. We have completed one full cycle. Thank you fall or supporting us and being a part of our lives!

As much as I thought about not making mooncakes this year, I ended up making all sorts of different kinds. Some how not giving mooncakes especially to the elderly seems so odd and disrespectful. Especially with all the support and love that they have shown us.
But unfortunately for our readers, we can't send mooncakes to you. So we'll just have to let you feast with your eyes.

These are the traditional types.



Homemade Lotus with and without salty egg yolks and homemade red bean paste.

Presenting the agar-agar mooncakes. I had fun with this type. Pretty and easy. These are with the durian (green), chendol (white) and lotus (brown) fillings.

These are the traditional Teochew ones.

Black La Ko (Sesame with Yam Paste)

Mooncake Pastry
(Greg's aunt calls it 3 ping or 3 layer but mine is just 2 layers because
I mixed the sweet salty vegie layer with the nutty-fruitty layer)

Windmill Mooncake

White Mooncake

Happy Autumn Festival!


Food For Tots said...

Hi, just to tell you that you have such a great blog and I am giving you this "Brillante Weblog Premio 2008" award.

Check it out:

ET女子 said...

i love the Windmill Mooncake~~
my mum send to me frm Kuching~~XD

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

u r just amazing to be able to not just cook so well, but to be able to cook so much too! so many types of mooncakes.wish i could try one. any chance of an agar mooncake recipe? i know it's like making agar but still...

delia said...

Hi Nee,
Your recipe of the teochew la ko came just in time before the mid autumn festival and is the one I was hunting for. I quickly gather the ingredients and made it that nite. It sure taste good and everyone gave thumbs up for it. Thanks. BTW, I'm from kuching also.

derbe said...

Nee, 4 thumbs up (had to borrow Wombok's hands too)for ur homemade mooncake pastes! and the agar agar durian one is sooooo gooooood!!!

Christy said...

I love the jelly mooncakes (which brought an end for my dislike for mooncakes).
I have my pics to upload on mooncakes in my blog as well:)

NEE said...

food for tots: thanks for the honour. you are very kind.

ET: Lucky gal!

Terri: Yeap sure. can def share one. but you still want for this year. Mooncake is over though.

Delia: Great delia! it is not so hard right. I love the taste too.

Derbe: hehehe good one (the 4 thumbs) very funny. poor wombok. i should have ask you ta pao for him.

Yeap they are always my fav too. not so gelak like the usual mooncakes. Thanks for dropping by

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

wow... tell me if you going to make the same for next year ! I find u

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