Friday, September 19, 2008

Bacon Roasted Chicken

This week my parents are on travelling. So I am left to tend for my baby brother. Well, the good thing is that he just needs to be fed, which is good as that allows me to cook more dishes without having to worry about leftovers.

We had this two nights ago. The chicken is so amazingly succulent and tasty when roasted with bacon. I wanted to blog this recipe as it is simple and I wanted to share it with Doreen as she is looking for simple recipes. And Dor, the other recipe you could try is the seafood aglio olio and if you add some tomato paste, it will be basically sphagetti marinara.

Serve 5-6 as main meal
1.6-1.8 kg of chicken
6 rashers of bacon

2 teasp of salt
1 teasp of pepper
5-6 cloves of smashed garlic
1 tbsp of rosemary (1 sprig if fresh)
1 tbsp of thyme (1 sprig if fresh)
1 large lemon

1) Clean chicken well and pat dry. Discard feet, neck and head.

2) Rub each side of chicken with 1 teasp of salt each, pepper and smashed garlic. Add on rosemary and thyme. Place garlic cloves in the cavity. Rub seasoning also at the cavity. Leave it in refridgerator to marinade and dry for at least 3 hours.

3) Drizzle lemon juice all over chicken and place the leftover lemon in the cavity. Truss the chicken if you wish. With chicken tummy (breast) up, arrange bacon to cover entire tummy.

4) Roast at 170 deg cel for 40-45 min. Check for doneness. If done, remove bacon and roast the skin crispy by turning the heat to 200 deg for 10-15 minutes on each side till the skin is golden brown. Remove from heat, cool slightly before cutting and serve with sauces and salad.

Tip: Dont waste bacon. Use if to top Salads.

Note: I used my turbo hat oven instead of my conventional ones. Temperature will vary slightly for conventional ones. It may take slightly longer.


terri@adailyobsession said...

i will come n have dinner. i mean what i say.

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

I will keep this for my Xmas party

Anonymous said...

I believe this recipe's from Jamie Oliver as I made it once. He also added potatoes as a side dish.

NEE said...

Terri: if you come for dinner please tell me like a year in advance cause i must really prepare for the Master. would not want to totally embarrass myself in front of an expert like you.

CE: yeap i think it will make agood dish for christmas or even sunday roast.

Annon: dont know about Jamie O's recipes. I dont have any of his cookbooks though he is famous. i got this recipe from my friend sarah a pretty famous cook in town. she gave a demo on this before.

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