Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pigging It Out in Johore Bahru

Nee & I went on the Star Cruise sometime ago in May on the Singapore-Penang-Phuket route. We took a late AirAsia flight & landed at Johor Bahru for a night's stay before we crossed over to Singapore the next morning. And what was supposed to be an overnight stopover at Johor Bahru turned out to be a WILD PARTY.

Where da party? Aiya, if you've been reading my posts, you'd know you'd have to expect a bit of exaggeration on my part.

You must remember that for people like us who are beginning to slowly edge towards the uncle & auntie phase, having supper outside late at night is already a party ok.

If you're ever in Johor Bahru, you should try this place. They sell Koay Teow Kia, which literally means 'children' of the big koay teow. :)

It's one of those hawker food that opens late into the night - simple & yet so fulfilling, & you'll never know whether it's the environment or the food itself that makes it taste so good.

We were lucky to have such wonderful hosts in JB. Kah Fei & his wife were there from the moment we stepped out of the airport. They were very gracious, whenever we open our mouths, they made sure they'd put something in there.

So, obviously the next morning before we departed for Singapore, there was a breakfast party.

Again, if you're ever going to Johor Bahru, DO NOT MISS THIS PLACE. It's called Storia Cafe at Jalan Storia.

It looks like one of those mom & pop kopitiam from yesteryears when the televisyen set had no colour yet, & West Malaysia was half an hour behind Sarawak in time.

This looks like mom & pop, but over the years they've become gramps.

This shop is so old that they don't even know nuts about modern child labour laws.

Nolah, I'm sure this must have been their loving grandaughter helping up with the shop.

And this must be their filial daughter-in-law.

And this must be the uncle who makes great drinks. They keep him at a distance in a box.

Most of the food here is your everyday Malaysian breakfast.

Do not let the blandness of this bee hoon deceive you. It is simply the best party bee hoon I've ever tasted.

Again, it's the simplicity here that is most happening. You can easily have two plates of everything here.

Excellent nasi lemak at it's simplest form & configuration. Sometimes, it's underrated meals like this that can best satisfy the cravings, something totally different from the overloaded ones at 4-star hotels.

But you know, I haven't getten to the best part yet. THIS, is the real reason why we came here.

This is where the PARTY is at -Otak Daging Ikan & Otak Kepala Ikan. Literally, the direct translation of this will shock you to death - Fish Meat Brains & Fish Head Brain.

Actually, it's just fish cakes.

These are the most succulent otak-otak I've ever had.

But then again, I've almost never had them in Kuching ever before. Heheheheh.

And then at one of those special moments in time, I turned over to Nee & said, 'Wow, it'd be nice if you can make these. mmmmmm.'


Bento Pet said...

Otak-otak grilled over the satay stove is the best-better than the steam type. Mmmm....delicious!

Anonymous said...

i saw the part about wild party and laughed out loud :D

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