Tuesday, April 29, 2008

On the Go in Disneyland

I think Disneyland was too fast for this uncle & auntie. There were just too many things happening at the same time. We missed a lot of good stuff like The Lion King musical, & the Adventureland Boat ride.

Now looking back, we realised that we were only able to do the grandma things, like taking the Disney train for one.
The train ride basically encircles the whole of Disneyland, bringing us through Tomorrowland, Adventureland, plus a couple of other-lands which I can't remember.

The ride may look fast in this picture because of the speed lines. But it was really chugging along at grandpa speed.

All the same, Disneyland had a lot of these landscape-sculpture-touristy-thingies which you won't miss.

These were exactly the kind of attractions for the whole family of 3 generations.

It's just too bad The Small World was closed for renovation. Would have loved to see those little buggers coming out to sing It's a Small World.

So we skipped on to Tomorrowland.

It was very sad. This was about the only ride we went for the whole time we were there.

We couldn't do anything wild cos we were both motion-sickness challenged. So we went on this baby one cos it had a milder speed, and it didn't carry any specific heart-attack warning signs.

We both shared a capsule with a control panel that lets you rotate 360% & shot them alien robots.

Ok, that was a little kiddy but we were there, and we'd done that.

After that was done, we scooted hurriedly to the Mickey Mouse Philharmagic show.

Little did we know that we were about to experience one of the greatest visual spectacles that we were ever going to see.

The wait was long. I guess it drove some people crazy. See the girl in white on the right? It looks like she's pulling her hair out.

Oh, I forgot to mention that it's in 3D!

This is the highlight of the 3D show. It's when Donald sinks to the bottom of the deep, dark, mysterious ocean & he meets Ariel there.

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