Thursday, December 13, 2007

Surprise! We Were in KL!

Hi to all our readers! Sorry for not posting over the last two days. But thank you all for dropping by anyway. We appreciate that. :)

We were actually in KL on Monday. This was one of our annual shopping trips. Whenever we're there, we made sure to stay at Cititel Hotel at Midvalley.

This hotel has become something like our second home.

The rooms may be a bit small. But that didn't really matter. What really mattered was that it was NEXT TO MEGAsuperrrMALL.

For lazy people like us, this was a very convenient arrangement. This meant that there was very minimal movement required of us from the bed straight down to the shops, and back again to the bed at the end of the day. No hassles with the taxis & the KL jam. If Megamall had rooms, we'd stay there, and shop from our bed.

Anyway, we got our one year supply of new clothes. That should last us through the Chinese New Year & the whole of next year. For many of you who might not be aware, Kuching don't have clothes. We only have dried leaves strung together. That's why we need to make the trip every year.

This trip was also an opportunity for Nee to stock up on her baking ingredients. She was shopping like she owned a baking factory. You should have seen us. If you were there, you'd think we were geting ready for a major flood in Sarawak.

People probably thought we came from the jungle. We were like mountain people coming down to the big city.

I don't know about Kuching, but the Christmas mood was really ON in KL. We just couldn't understand why there were so many people at Megamall. It was full of people even on a working day.

Then we realised that half the people there were either from Kuching or from Sibu. You could easily tell the Foochows apart from the rest. They're usually loud & you could hear them coming around the corner.

Do you remember how the birds fly & the turtles swim to other continents when the season changes? Well, Sarawakians are like those animals. They migrate during the Holiday season.


chin_NZ said...

Hi Greg and Nee,
Just had to write to say, "Wonderful blog!". I happened on this by chance, and I've chuckled along at each post. I'm Foochow, born in Sibu, grew up in Kuching, now settled in NZ. I really miss all the wonderful Foochow dishes. Looking forward to more delicious photos!

Nee said...

HI Chin
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. We started as a way to keep in touch with family and friends and a way to document our favourite dishes. Do keep in touch and we look forward for more comments.

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