Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas in KL

Here are a few pictures we took of the Christmas decoration in KL. A few only lah. We were on the go with shopping, so taking pictures was really at the very very back end of our minds. Imagine when the bus conductor says 'Ahh, masuk lagi. belakang lagi. Lagi Lagi. ' That's how far back it was.

This is the Christmas tree at Cititel Hotel, where we were staying.

I loved the lights. You don't get those kind of lights in the jungles of Kuching.

Usually the photos we take end up looking not as good as really being there. But somehow this one actually looked exactly like being there. Not bad for a lazy photographer like me. Don't ask me how I did this. Nowadays I have my camera sensitivity set to the highest ISO at 3200. So I just snap whatever is indoors with that.

When we got to Megamall Central Court, we were greeted by this huge display of lights on the centerstage.

There were a lot of scheduled musical performances on stage. This is one of them.

We didn't know what it was about & being Malaysians, we didn't even bother to find out. We just knew that it wasn't a story about shopping.

We didn't know what kind of theme this was but the decor had some kind of moss covered egg shaped rock. Maybe it was environmental.

And we also didn't know why there was this grass thing going on.

But we took pictures anyway, just in case, so that we wouldn't lose.

Nee also took one.

The difference between our photos is that mine looks dorky & her's got a bit of effort in posing.

Megamall had a different Christmas decor on every wing. That's how much they spent to be competitive.

This is at South Court. Not as exciting, but people just have to have their photos taken anyway.

There's this one display which we really liked. This is one of the most creative ones that we've seen.

I guess the display worked cos we were suckered into buying two slices of cakes to try. I chose this one. It's called a Bavaria coffee or cappucino or something.

And Nee picked this one out. It's a mango swiss roll something.

Guess what? They both suck.

It's strange. You'd expect that KL being a big city, would have people with very sophisticated taste. But rich cakes are hard to find there. It seems that they don't seem to mind light spongy cakes like this & similar ones from Secret Recipe.

KL people seem to go for convenience. As long as the food is a little over the average, then it's ok. Both Nee & I concluded that probably that's the reason why a lot of food franchises from KL doesn't really work here in Kuching. In Kuching, when something doesn't taste nice, they'll just drive on to the next one. Everything else is 15 minutes apart.

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