Monday, November 19, 2007

Grandma Food: Kuching Porridge

We've been overeating for quiet some time now and usually when we do that, our internal biological alarm will go off.

"ALERT! The cache is now full. We will not accept any more deposits. Please make your withdrawals quickly. Emergency - Need detox."

And when this happens, we have to eat grandma food - Porridge! When I was young, I always equate eating porridge with drinking water. Porridge is about 80-90% water if I'm not wrong. So basically, it's drinking water until we're full. But it's a different kinda full. It doesn't last.

But as we grow older & closer to the grandma category, we tend to appreciate porridge more. It has a very soft & clean feel about it. It cleanses the system.

In Kuching, most of the porridge stalls open only in the morning, for old people to eat I guess. Some operate at nite. So usually around noon, they are non-existent.

But there is one particular place in Padungan where you can enjoy this water-meal with all the traditional condiments & dishes to go with it. I think it's teochew if I'm not mistaken.

Can you read mandarin? We were so hungry that we forgot the name of the shop.

This shop is not bad. You can tell by the number of people there. And this shop has been around for quite a long while already. The last time Nee & I were here in 2004, we were still dating. We ate porridge while holding hands.

This is how it works. You'd have to go all the way to the back & point what you want.

There's quite a lot of choices and they're all quite authentic, simple, traditional dishes.

Then the auntie will scoop them for you & then bring them to your table.

We took a few of the egg-based dishes.

And also a few of the pork-based ones.

The vege type dishes.

Ka-cha Ka-cha anchovies are such just a nice contrast to the soft porridge.

I ordered Teh-C assuming that it was the small hot one. It came as a big Teh-C-Peng. Imagine I had to swallow all this water after two bowls of porridge.

Let me tell you. It was so good and that was last Friday. Tonite, we had porridge at home again.

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