Monday, November 5, 2007

Egg Tarts Filling

This filling is soft and tasty for Sweet Shortcrust and Suo Pi Egg Tarts. Do not overbake the filling.

1 no of egg
75 gm of water
25 gm of castor sugar
20gm of milk
3 gm of cornstarch
few drop of vanilla essence

1) Boil water and sugar til bubbly.

2) Add milk, pre-stirred with constarch. Let mixture cool to around 45 deg cel. Tip: For baking, egg will released an optimum flavour at this temperature. I normally checked with my baking thermometer. You can just dip you finger in it and it should feel lukewarm.

3) Add eggs and vanilla essense and stir well.

4) Strain mixture.

The filling is ready to be used. Enough for 6-8 no of Egg Tarts.


sarawakiana said...

Hi there,
Your pictures made me gain weight just by looking at them!!!You have made Sarawak look and taste good.

Thanks for such wonderful recipes. I too had a kaya recipe when I was a young girl and we made everything by hand, from scratch..and sitting in the backyard over a charcoal fire because the kaya would smell better. We had no gas then.

Keep up the good work. And take good care of your liver.

Greetings from Sarawakiana.

Greg Wee said...

Hi Sarawakiana. Thanks for your comment. We'd love to hear more of your stories of the days gone by!

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