Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Nee's Baked Potatos

This is my absolute favourite dish to eat and to serve for big or small parties. Greg loves potatoes and he looks like a happy puppy whenever i say we are having Western meal at home, which includes this.

I first got the recipe two years back from Fiona , who made this for the cell pot luck. Then with a slight modification here and there, it has become (to be very thick-skin) my own signature dish. There isn't anyone who does not like it. My sister-in-law's words when she ate this "I just melted".

800gm - 1kg of potatoes (potatos with floury texture are better. Eg. Spunta, Chats)
3-4 pcs of honey leg ham or bacon
100gm of button mushrooms
1 1/2 cup of diary cream or diary cream and milk
3/4 to 1 cup of cheddar + mozarella cheese
2 teasp of salt
a pinch of dried mixed herbs (optional)
Pepper to taste

1) Clean and shaved skin off potatos. Slice them into thin round slices. Soak in water with 1 teasp of salt for at least 3 hours in fridge. I normally leave it overnight especially if I'm cooking for a gathering next day so to cut down on some work. Leave it cover in fridge.

2) Turn on oven to 170 degree Celcius (no fan) or less 10 degrees for fan forced mode. Drain water and overall pat dry the potatos.

3) Line slices of potatos in oven proof square or rectangular dish. Do overlap slightly. Sprinkle some ham on. Drizzle with some cream pre-mixed with 1 teasp of salt, some pepper and mixed herbs. Line the next layer of potatos. Sprinkle some mushrooms on.

Drizzle with some cream mixture. Line with 3rd layer of potatos. Sprinkle with some cheese. Drizzle with some more cream.

4) Repeat til all ingredients finished or around 85% of the dish height. Pour leftover cream on. Cover the final layer with some cheese. Cover with aluminium foil and bake for 1 hour 15 to 1 hour 30 min. Test with skewer. Potatoes should feel really soft but not mushy.

5) When ready, increase oven heat to 190 to 200 degree Celcius no fan, reduce 10 for fan forced mode. Bake without aluminium foil til surface turn slightly golden brown. Approximately 5 to 8 min. Watch the baking as you dont want to burn the top.

Suggestion: Serve with Salad and Meat dish like Honey Roasted Chicken.


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

like my daughter would say: my stomach is eating itself, looking at your pics!

Greg Wee said...

Greg: HAHAHAHA! That has got to be the best quote I have ever heard in my entire life!

Roger said...

That's a good recipe. Will try that when I have no one cooks for me.

Greg Wee said...

NEE: OOOOOhhhh you poorrrrr thing...since when in your life got no one cook for you....hahaha...if you are eating alone please dont use so much potatos make a small bowl la otherwise shave and cut potatos took time.

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