Monday, October 22, 2007

Celebrity BBQ Ducks

I never knew that this is one of the most earliest & famous BBQ shops in Kuching. Everyone seems to know except me. Even Nee grew up eating this.

We decided to meet up for lunch there last week. This is a photo of CK waiting for his date. Unfortunately we turned up instead, very late.

The shop is within the perimeters of the tourism waterfront Golden Triangle area. It is a stone's throw away from all the major hotels & backpackers' inns. Small pebbles also can reach. When the wind blows, you're there already.

Look Ma! It's just in front of the Tun Jugah Shopping Complex!

This shop claims to be the 'first family' in BBQ.

And when you look closely, it has a very interesting signboard.

My first thought was that its a clever little advertising ploy to attract kids.

Look Ma! Got Donald Duck. I want to eat Donald Duck BBQ!

...!!!!!... Wait a minute. That didn't sound right.

Donald Duck???!!!

Daffy Duck????!!!

The Ugly Duckling????!!!

What Horrors! The duck killer himself! It's a shop that would make small children cry!

But anyway, we were there for the BBQ ribs which it was famous for.

Nice and tender. Juicy and taste fabulous!

See how succulent they are!

Not Porky Pig I hope!

The shop also sells Simmered Soups. See Yang Chai soup, which has body heat cooling properties is one of the main dish.
This is how they are steamed, in what is known as a big steamy apparatus thingy in non-cooking lingo. (NEE: It is just a steamer duh! With Very pointy top specially made to prevent water from dripping in the dish. Simmered soup (Tuin Tang) is soup double boiled in a pot or porcelain containers as shown. To be called simmered soup it must be double boiled for at least 3 hours)

It may not be as good as the other shop in Padungan (also nearby) but it passes our basic ISO/QA certification. (NEE: It is actually quite nice. But I may be biased cause I grew up with this)

So is the herbal Chicken soup (Ginseng Chicken Soup with thornberry) thingy that Nee ordered.

And finally, Greg's famous Teh-C-Peng Special Report:

So so lah. Can pass the minimum standard. Ok for a first try if you've never had it before.

NEE: Overall the shop scored 8.5/10 as compared with other BBQ places in Kuching.

Food 54/60. All the meat is good. Nice and succulent. Even the roast pork is crispy albeit a little oily. Soup is nice but Greg says so so and drinks so so.
Environment 11/15. Love the very traditional feel of the place but due to our enthusiasm as bloggers and wanting to take fabulous pictures, we picked to sit outside and thus ate dust together with our food. Got very very bad nose itch after lunch.
Service 13/15. Very good. Fast delivery.
Value for money 7/10. RM 10 per person is not exactly cheap for Kuching standard. We did not ask for the individual price but with all the meat and soups and rice with drinks, we spent RM21. Not so bad for a rather complete lunch.

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