Thursday, November 1, 2007

DAY 3: Nee Makes Explosive Buns

Today is the third & final day of Nee's leave from work. These were her projects for today.

I'm not sure if the Mexicans ever made any buns.

But there's one named after them.

The Mexican Bun.

In KL they call them Roti Boy. I call them Roti Bomb. They are huge. Apparently, the buns were made by Chinese immigrants in Mexico. That explains the name.

And this is the Polo Bun. It looks like an American Pineapple hand grenade.
I'm glad Nee is going back to work tomorrow. It's getting more & more dangerous in the kitchen.


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

u truly r the 'sifu'!

Greg Wee said...

Nee: Hahaha..i wish. in some cases, picture angles make things look nicer *wink* wink*. got so much to learn. That is why enjoy this blogging thingy. 1) can document recipes so that not a one off thingy 2) if something not rite, sure got more people to tell me and of course sharing. Ladies my age are so busy with kids can never really find anyone to share about recipes.

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