Saturday, July 31, 2010


Some people can give you 10 good reasons why they haven't been able to post as often as they'd like to. However, in this case, we only have one very good reason.

Nee has been working very hard for the whole of this month on a secret project. And let me tell you that it's amazing that she's still alive. Well, the secret is now out.

Check out Nee's Facebook Group here for more information. More will come tomorrow.


Roger Ting said...

The facebook link is not working

daomingsi said...

Congratulations, Nee!

raspberrytwinkies said...

ahhh fb link says that it's broken? Can't wait to go over to see the place n savour those lovely cakes!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Nee & Greg. Now I
understand the lack of updates. I am one of your silent readers and have alawys enjoyed reading your entries. All best, kim from Melbourne.

Greg Wee said...

Thank you people. The FB link is now fixed.

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