Monday, February 1, 2010

Nee's Proton Saga

The truth is, she never had one.

The Proton Saga cake was conceived around the time when the national car first came out in 1985. I do not know who invented this recipe. The only Google search results that pair together 'Proton saga' & 'cakes' were 'Proton Saga selling like hot cakes'. So I abandoned the search altogether. Maybe if you know a thing or two about this, leave some comments below.

Here's Nee's attempt a building the national cake.

It's basically a Malay steamed cake. I'll let Nee tell you about it.

There are basically two recipes. One for the inner red, green and plain blocks, and the other one for the outer dark layer. The recipe is very rich with kaya, horlick and condensed milk, that one piece will send the weighing scale needle jumping by the kilos. So I am contemplating whether I should blog the recipe or if anyone would even want to eat it.

But the result is seriously good. Soft, yet rich and dense. And highly addictive too.

By the way, I was singing some patriotic national RTM songs when I was doing this. Out of the blue!
Personally I think Nee is crazy to incorporate this into her already packed schedule. Mind you, this was done for fun.


Diana said...

YUM~~ if I'm still in Kch I would want to try the cake you bake. Look so yummy, ask your mum to bring some to Melb. =D

Greg Wee said...

Hi Diana. Don't know if it'll ever get past the customs. They probably wouldn't be able to resist it.

Roger Ting said...

You mean pretending to confiscate the cake for the sake of Australian agriculture sector safety but in fact for the satisfaction of their gastronomy?

Greg Wee said...

You got that right Roger. Nail on the head. Great minds think alike! I mean creative minds. 'Creative' being the popular keyword today.

sarawakgal said...

tried it before and its really very tasty......Love ur blog...all yummy yummy......he he he

Rosalind said...

How enlightening! I thought my weighing scale broke...

Winnie said...

the cake looks really good. would really appreciate if you could share the recipe with me. i wanna try making this for cny. :)

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