Sunday, June 28, 2009

Super Duper World Saving Enzymes

Okie Gals and Guys. You guessed it right. This is the enzyme thingy that EVERYONE BUT ME seems to already know about. Very upsetting. How can I not know?!

Anyway, this thing is brilliant for the following reasons:

1) Environmentally, we are playing our part in cutting down rubbish. Recyling is good. I wonder if the trees TPK cut down for the Jalan Song (read about it on Kenny Sia's post here) can be used in the same way. I am still very very upset to see those beautiful trees gone. I told Greg I wanted to do a case study of it under UN-SUSTAINABLE construction and climate change and write a paper on it and present it somewhere. My hubby had to restrain me, reminding me that I will likely be sacked if that were to happen, and of course I will remain a peanut in my department for the rest of my life if I do so. Bloody dirty politics. So bear with me. I am just venting my anger, disappointment and displeasure over the whole thing on my OWN blog.

2) Sorry, back to enzymes. This thing is quite amazingly useful. I got a whole bottle of it from a friend. Hers is the pineapple ones. I am still not used to using that on its own. So I dropped a few drops and a cap or two into my dish detergent and floor detergent and reduced both the detergent by the equal amount. Hey, the results have been really good. My floor is seriously squeeky clean, not just borderline clean. My stainless steel top and sink are now really free from my constant baking butter, cream and chocolate. And it does give a hint of fruit fragrance after use. It's upposedly really good for timber doors, window frames and window panes.

I don't know how mine will turn up. So far so good. But you can have the recipe first cause my final results will only comes in three months. Will let you know how mine turns up. Probably everyone already know this but here it goes:

10 litre of water
1 kg of brown sugar
5 kg of any fruit skins and left over*

1) Stir water and sugar till they dissolve in a plastic container that come with a lid. Add in fruit skins. Stir and close the lid. Leave it under the shade in a cool place.

2) For the next seven days, open lid to stir and release the gas.

3) After the 7th day, leave it for 3 months to ferment and decompose. Strain the final product & you'll have the enzyme. The leftover can be used as compost apparently.

* I was told any fruits skin would do. Mine has lots of pineapple skins and the shaved off eye bits. I threw in lemon, orange and passionfruit skins. I think more acidic fruits smell better. You can also try apples, kiwis, peaches as well. But only if you so happen to have them.

Pineapple skins are available in abundance in wet markets but the traders are getting smarter. Cause demand is up due to this enzyme thingy, they are selling their pineapple skins instead of giving them away. The lady gave me her whole 8 kg for RM 4. Heard some vendors even go up to RM1/kg. Not exactly cheap for 'rubbish' but not exactly expensive if I thought about reducing the dumping on this poor overloaded earth.


Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

ah, something like Sangria?
yeah my fren done tat before, she bought a special japan imported wooden pale to 'marinate' these fruits. and it is really tasty when it's served cool rite? ha hah a
yeah pineapple gives a very 'fragnant' & tasty drink. Red dragon fruit is good too!

my sis is doing a green apple + lemon version, tell u if this is nice! ha ah

terri@adailyobsession said...

like denise, i thot u drink the stuff...!

NEE said...

I think there is another recipe for drinking hahaahahah...def not this one. no wonder you were freaking out.

yeap chickegg i heard about the one for drinking.

delia said...

i tot the fruits should be 3kg instead of 5kg. the formula should be 10:3:1

NEE said...

mine is 10:5:1 so maybe more concentrated that.

JY Shops said...

yup yup, put more lemon, smells nice!! hehe..

yun said...

the formula i am using also 10:3:1.. trying to use white sugars instead of brown sugar cos white sugars cheaper...

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