Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wrapping Up The Louvre: Napoleon's Apartment

I know we haven't been blogging about food for quite some time now, & The Lourve is not exactly edible. But we've just got to share this with you.

This was Napoleon's apartment situated at The Louvre.

We weren't aware of it at that time but we thought it was the original Napoleon's. But it turned out to be the other running number Napoleon III, who was the first President of the French Republic & also the last monarch.
The apartment was built as part of the new wing of the Louvre, connecting it to the Tuileries Palaces.

This was probably where the big boss sat.

This was probably where you had to wait to see the big boss.

In a table setting like this, what happens when you say Can someone pass me the soya sauce please & it's all the way at the other end of the table?

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