Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's Another One: Happy CNY 2009!

There's minimal decoration this year. As usual, we're sandwiched between two neighbours who are all out in full blast with their red lanterns & firecrackers, while we opted for the more sanitised & minimal display. But of course, in keeping with the tradition, there's always pockets of red colour here & there in the living room, the sofa, the flowers & the dining table.

As usual again, we have our one flower for all seasons, the lily.

Nee's keropok of the fish & sweet potato kind turned out alright. The sun decided to come out long enough one day & my mom managed to sun dry & fry them with my sister's assistance. It sounds like a family affair, but CNY always does.

Last night, it was like a war zone as usual, albeit with a shorter window of firecrackers. This morning, as we drove around the neighbourhood, we couldn't help but notice the piles of used fireworks boxes all stacked up neatly & orderly in front of houses. It looks like a direct defiance of the police's warning.

Greg & Nee wishes all our dear readers a very happy, prosperous & healthy New Year, & may you find hidden opportunities within the feconomic crisis!


Anonymous said...

Hi Greg and Nee,

I am so glad to come across this blog. I am a Foochow girl living overseas. Once in a while I would attempt to cook Foochow food but always not sure of the recipes and ended up googling and that's how I come across your blog.

I was wondering if Nee knows how to make the Sibu 'long koh' direct translation from Foochow to English 'egg cake'??? Everytime I go back to Sibu I must buy at least 1 ringgit worth of those. Nowadays I think you can get 4 with 1 ringgit.


Nee said...

hi mel, thanks for dropping by.

i had never made long ko before but would love to try. will try search for the recipes from older folks. will blog once i got it.

So good of you to miss the food. as food is always associated with culture. so you will not lost tat.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nee. Look forward to try the long ko recipe one of these days. Thanks again, Mel

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