Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 3: The Most Magnificent Breakfast in Paris!

This blogging thing is feeling more & more like a job. We've just finished our posts on the Melbourne trip & now we've got to pick up where we left off on our Paris trip, which we did in July. That's like HALF A YEAR AGO! The only thing that's keeping me going is when I see the BLING BLING blinging on my Nuffnang account. Not that it's a lot of money. But hey, money is still money.

Honestly speaking, as Malaysian tourists, we would never have been able to tell whether this place had the best breakfast in town. But judging from our many eating spree experiences, we thought this place was just magnificent!

Cafe le Corona is easy to find. Just walk to the east entrance of the Louvre & le Corona will stick out like a sore French loaf. If you still don't see it, then you must be seriously visually challenged.

A lot of our culinary experiences in Paris were just random shootings. It wasn't like we knew where to go for a good meal. Most travel guidebooks suck when it comes to food. So really, we had to rely on our very primal insincts.

I think we were early that morning cos we almost had the whole restaurant to ourselves. The French cafes have a very peculiar way of arranging their chairs to face outwards. So when you're sitting there, you feel like you're watching a real life movie of people walking by. I doubt that you can do this in Kuching. You'd get stares & scowls from passerbys, See what see??!!!!

French waiters are all very experienced.

And it is certainly a different experience being served by someone much more older than you. You'd feel that you're in good hands & everything would be okay.

We ordered the very famous French Hot Chocolate. You must know that I'm a chocolate boy who grew up on Milo, every morning, before I go to school. My father had to wake up at 6 in the morning to make one for me & my brother. And for himself. Well, this was unlike anything I've tasted before.

I don't know why but that morning was just full of paternal symbolism. The fatherly waiter, my father's chocolate Milo drink, & then the Daddy sugar cubes.

This is the Omelette Voir.

And the Croque Monsieur, the real & original French Toast. It came with ham & cheese inside.

C'est la Vie!


SSJ4 XeMo Hong said...

OH I LOVE CROQUE monsieur!good tt u posted this, bc wey'll get this on monday when school starts:D

Anonymous said...

whoops, tt was me, terri

Anonymous said...

Thats not Omelette Voir, Its just Omelette, then "Voir Carte"= "see menu..for choices!"

NEE said...

there you go....our french is really limited. thanks. so voir carte means see the menu for choice...hahaha...glad we managed to scrap through paris with practically close to zero french.

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