Monday, October 13, 2008

Seine: The Most Romantic River in the World

The Seine River basically cuts Paris into two halves - the left bank & the right bank. And to be able to enjoy Paris, you'd need to know what is on which side. Obviously. Duh.

We stayed on the right bank where The Louvre & other major tourist sights were situated. But usually all that does not matter to Female Asian tourists. All they need to know is one thing & one thing only - that the LOUIS VUITTON HQ store is also situated on that bank, & all hell will break loose.

The Notre Dame sits strangely on a small island in between both banks, while the famous Eiffel Tower is situated on the left.

This is the River Seine.

This is the place where countless number of Hollywood romantic scenes have been immortalised forever onto celluloid. Elizabeth Taylor dated (make out/ pak toh/ do projek) here in one of her movie scenes.

This is also the place where the rat in Ratatouille was released by the young apprentice cook.

Apparently, the River Seine is a very popular place for suicides, & also the dumping of dead bodies. It's easy to see why. Within Paris itself, there are about 36 bridges. And outside of the city, there are dozens more.

Nee & I would have loved to be here at night to do projek, but we were just afraid that there might be muggers just as keen to do theirs.

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