Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Big Apple Doughnut Experience

Growing up as a kid in this part of the world, it was difficult for me to imagine what a doughnut would taste like. After all, the only contact that I had with doughnuts then was through American TV programs.

I learned very quickly that all American cops ate doughnuts.

Even their cartoon cops did it.

So did every single average, oversized, American citizen.

Doughnuts was a national obsession.

But in those days, there were no doughnuts here. The only thing closest to it was Kong Pia.

And it wasn't even American in the slightest bit. Instead, it was full blown Foochow.

But later on, I was lucky enough to have dougnuts as part of my student life. They accompanied me through the many nights & early mornings, & successfully saw me through my studies.

And now, it has finally arrived in Kuching.

Well, actually, this place is not a new as I made it out to be. It opened a few months ago at tHe Spring, & for a lot of people, this is really outdated news - news that their grandma would tell them.

So today, I bought a box of 6 to try, & it was a wierd box cos it was advertising lust, sensual & luscious.
Now that was something new for me. I didn't know doughnuts could be all that!

There were lots of other colourful lavour with funny names to choose from but I didn't bring my camera at that tme. So I ended up with these.

Cool Blue (blueberry)

Mango Tango, my favourite.
Doh! nuts.
I could be wrong, but then again, I could be right. I thought Big Apple Doughnuts taste way better than Dunkin Donuts.


Bento Pet said...

Definitely better than Dunkin Donuts! My girls love them! Can be quite addictive and definitely fattening too. Love the Durian ones!

a feast, everyday said...

I prefer the kong pia anytime..

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

too airy for my liking...

NEE said...

Greg ate most of it before i could even get my hands onto it. i did do one or two bites. Nice!

but i cant really understand the hooos haaas about these doughnuts, all the craze and queeus. they are not hard to make at home and all those toppings is soooo commercial. i am sure anyone of us can do similar with better quality material. i was more fascinated by the machine they were deep frying in.

it is airy alrite. that is why people had to buy so many hehe...

ganache-ganache said...

Yes, I'm fascinated byt he machine too, I was standing at their glass door staring at the process, trying to see if I could 偷师, haha .... the queue was so long when they opened in KK, now its quiet !

Jaz said...

Nee, I agree...I don't get the fuss either. I may be over-sensitive, but I can smell the hydrogenated fat as soon as I'm in the outlet's proximity, thereby killing all desire for these donuts.

I prefer kong-pia anytime, although I tend to think of it as foochow mini bagel.

NEE said...

i would not be surprised about the transfat bit. they prob used shortening in the doughnuts and non diary whipping cream and choc compaound as toppings

yeap we love kompia too. unfortunately i cant make them at home...but bagels are really close already hehe....

Jaz said...

Nee, now that you've added "non-dairy whipping cream" and "choc compound" into the equation, I am now certain I will not be buying these donuts.

There's this house in cloud estate somewhere that makes and distributes the kompia throughout kuching. The "tandoor" is at the back of the house...

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