Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Yang Zhi Kang Lu

This Chinese dessert does not only have a nice name with a poetic ring to it, it tastes good too. I tried it out twice and here are the results:
Greg & my brother Raymond practically drank one whole bowl dry within two nights. And that was because I rationed them.

Despite its complicated name, it's amazingly easy to do. The key is to use the very sweet fragrant mangos and pomelos of the sweet kind.

2 no of large-medium or 3 no of small mangos
2-3 pieces of pomelo, approximately 250gm
Sugar water ~ 120gm of sugar boiled with 1 1/2 cups of water, set aside to cool
4 tbsp of cooked sago pearls
100gm of cream
100gm of vanilla ice cream
some more ice cream

1) Prepare sugar water. Also cook sago pearls, wash it and set aside.

2) Divide mangos into two parts. Cut one part into small cubes and blend the other parts into juice with some sugar water. Loosen the pomelo up into separate bits.

3) Combine cream, sugar water and vanilla ice-cream.

4) Add cooked sago pearls, mango juice, mango cubes and pomelo bits.

5) Chill and serve with one small scoop of ice cream per dessert bowl.


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

wah! i am convinced its delicious just by looking at it.

NEE said...

Thank you. yeap..we love it. i used ice cream instead of ideal milk or like some places coconut milk because it gives a smooth texture without the overpowering milkiness.

yet to try with mango ice cream but tat will prob taste too artificial if the ice cream is no good.

Rei said...

Great idea to use ice cream! I think the ones I ate had evaporated milk, which is just so-so.

Rei said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ganache-ganache said...

Yummy, with vanilla ice-cream, next time I make mine with ice-cream too. So it's mango season in Kuching now.......

Joyce said...

oo, i love this dessert! taste so good!!

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