Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Spring Rolls with Banana and Red Bean Paste

This is a really simple and easy to make party finger food. I had it the first time when my Grand Aunty (YiPo) made them many years ago during one of her trips to Melbourne (I was a deprived student then). I almost kowtowed to her then for putting these two ingredients together to form such an amazingly delicious creation. This is just one reasons why I have idolisd her eversince I was a child because she has always been the best cook in the family. So to me, everything that she makes is guaranteed to be nice.

But seriously this is a nice snack. I only made them recently because I finally got the courage to make my own red bean paste which turned out pretty well. Usually I'm told just to buy ready made ones because there is no difference. But excuse me..I beg to differ. The taste of homemade ones is PURE and not so sweet. But of course because of the reduced sugar, we would not get the super silky smooth texture like the ones on the commercially made ones.

Making red bean paste is not really difficult but it does take a fair bit of work. And the ones I made are good enough for white red bean pau, tang yuan and of course this snack. I will blog the recipe soon. But if you find it too much work, by all means buy the paste from the shops. They only cost about RM6-7 per kg.

Aunty Yeo also gave me a nice bunch of Pisang Keling from her own backyards. So there was no excuse for me to delay this project. You can use Pisang Hijau (Chay gay) or Pisang Emas too if you like your snack sweeter.

Make 20 pieces
20 pieces of popiah (spring roll) skin 4 inch sq type available in most supermarkets
6-7 pieces of bananas, cut to 6-8 strips per piece
100-120 gm of red bean paste
5 cups of cooking oil for deep frying

1) Unroll popiah skin and place 2 strips of banana near one of corner of the skin, followed by 1-2 teasp of red bean paste.

2) Roll up like a spring roll. Seal ends with water. Place in container and freeze/chilled for 30 min or so before frying. This way it helps to set the shape of the rolls.

3) Deep fry till golden brown. Cool slightly before serving.


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

oii! what happened, ur photos have improved 1000x!

Greg Wee said...

Aiya, it's just the size lah. My photography has always been very the good wat. heheheh :P It's just that it has been too small to be appreciated. Now all the details are right in your face. But still can't get a landscape format published fully. It tends to get cut off. Must go research & learn some html.

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