Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Hong Kong Tunnel Ride

When we were in Hong Kong, we were determined to experience as much as we possibly could in that one week of holiday. In the true Asian spirit of kiasu-ness, we wanted everything, to squeeze every last drop out of the lemon, to drink the well dry, so to speak.

Aside from wanting to eat everything that came our way, we were also curious about the different mode of transportation available to the everyday Hong Kong commuters.

Of course that did not include this.

nor this.

nor this.

nor this.

nor this.

One of the most colourful mode of transportation was the tram. With just a couple of HKD, you could hop on any one of these, & go as far as you can till the end of the track.

With that kind of fare, even riding your own bicycle would not seem very much worth the effort anymore.

However, for some reason, we just didn't get on the trams. I couldn't remember whether it was because it was too slow, or that we were too lazy.

But that night, when we made a trip back to Kowloon again, we took the double decker.

I know this picture probably makes it look like a ride from hell, but actually it's just the speed effect lah.

Oh, you know what? Most of the bus drivers we came across here were not very responsive, at all. They just nodded, pointed & shook their heads. We came to the conclusion that they were actually secret government robot drivers.

But seriously, a more likely explanation could be that they were not allowed to talk when on the job. Such commitment!

The good citizens of Hong Kong on a bus ride minding their own business.

Unlike what you usually see in Hong Kong movies,
the general public behave themselves very well.

There's TV everywhere in Hong Kong but I was just glad the TVB series wasn't on at that time, otherwise Nee wouldn't have let us go down. With more passengers like Nee, the bus companies would be making fast money if they had TVB series on all their rides.

And Wallah! The Hong Kong undersea tunnel!

This was our first time crossing over such a tunnel so we were snapping pictures like silly tourists. It was so uncool. I meant us.

The ride was actually less dramatic than we thought it would be cos the slope downwards were gradual & it didn't really feel like we were underwater.

And before we knew it, we were already coming out on the other side in Kowloon!

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