Saturday, March 1, 2008

Our Hurricane KL Trip

Oh, we haven't told you. Both Nee & I were away in KL for a two-day Hurricane trip. Among the other more serious duties, it was another opportunity for Nee to stock up her baking ingredients & her MNG collection.

It wasn't so much a food trip this time, so you may think that our choice of restaurants were a bit off. But as usual, off or not off, we started eating even before we boarded the plane. It was sort of a pre-KL eating frenzy warm-up.

We don't usually hang around places like Coffee Bean cos we've past that stage of hanging out in cool places to be seen & to be cool. There's no point for us to induldge ourselves in this kind of pastime anymore cos nobody's looking at us anyway, & we're helplessly transitioning into the uncle auntie phase. That is definitely not a cool thing.

But at that point in time it seemed like the only 'safe' place to be when your flight is delayed, & you dread thinking about the food on board Airasia. Plus, it had the magic thing - free wifi! For a food blogger, food & internet is a deadly combination.

Oh look! It's Terri's A Daily Obsession! (Free advert although she doesn't need it anymore)

Anyway, here's what we got.

Chef's Tuna with Focaccia bread. Healthy!

Oh BTW, the actual serving is about double of what you see in the photos. We only realised we forgot to take pictures when we were walloping halfway through.

I had a sudden craving attack for American breakfast & this was the closest Coffee Bean could ever get to that.

Break O' Day. Nice!

Excellent Salad.

Oh look! A hurricane just swept thru town!

Really, we never did expect to enjoy this little meal amidst the tension during a delayed flight. It was really a very pleasant surprise.

Coffee Bean, you go boy!

P.S. We didn't touch a single drop of coffee.
P.P.S. Marybrown's opening at the depature hall very soon.
P.P.P.S. OMG I hope this recent craving for commercial food is just a passing craving. I pray our standards will not drop down to that level.

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