Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another Eat-Together-gether

Nee likes to feed people, and I like to be fed. And that's why we're together. (^_^) Nolah, I'm just being cheeky again. But we both really enjoy having friends over for dinner.

It's interesting how food has evolved from an act of survival into a focal point for social gathering. I always think that food unites us somewhat, as a family, as friends, as a society, & please don't laugh here, even as a nation. I've always said that if the different races of Malaysia can't sit down together at a table for a meal, then there's not much hope for unity.

But that's too serious for a blog like this. After all, this is just a blog about food & travel. And we had another eat together-gether again with a few close friends last week ~ Ad and Wong who came back for CNY holidays from UK. It was just a simple dinner with home-cooked meals.

The night opened with this - Nee's first attempt with Meat Roll stuffed in Sea Cucumber with superior sauce. Sorry, it was supposed to be with the sauce, but I missed that one.

So very the flower. You should have seen how it was made.
When I got home from work, I saw this thing.

I thought she had an alien creature under her captivity,
& it was conveniently steamed to death for dinner.
Either that or she went snorkelling without my knowledge.

NEE: My first attempt. Josephine knowing that I am so busy prior to CNY offered to help me buy sea cucumber and she chose huge ones for me. Unfortunately, the largeness actually came from being soaked with water for too long and thus it turned soft. And it went broken upon just touching it. Maybe we should be less greedy next time and go for smaller ones. And i should be more hardworking and start soaking my sea cucumber in December.

Indonesian Style Spicy and Sweet Pork Ribs

Excellent Rendang, Malaysian style.

Steamed scallop bits with Wombok. The first time we had this was at a kopitiam restaurant manned by the ex-Master Chef Sifu of the once great Tsui Hua Lau restaurant. And as usual, what Nee sees, Nee can photostate also.

Nee's superior chicken abalone soup. Simple, pure, healthy stock from wild & free kampung chickens all the way from Sarikei!

Ad & Wong also brought chicken satay from Hui Sing Garden,
including the infamous White Lady & Matterhorn drinks.

And we finished the night off with Nee's leftover Chinese New Year lapis and cheese cakes. The night was finished, but not the leftover cakes.


Roger said...

Satay here is freaking 2 to 3 bucks per stick... Is Aussie really richer after all? hmm.....

NEE said...

Maybe should find a wife who makes satay next time and do it in aust hahaha....

i know someone here can teach satay making including sauce and all that...cost RM3000 i think for three day course. wanna invest?

Roger said...

Tried that before 2 years ago... The recipe is good but doesn't taste because no charcoal grill...

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

i just want a bowl of tt chicken soup. n the curry.slurp.

NEE said...

Roger: Certainly need charcoal. so i never bother to try this at home. but can do for bbq i think.

A Terri: airasia flying 5 cents to kuching ler....but that is in july onwards...

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