Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Sibu Trip: Little Cousin Megan

We were very well taken care of in Sibu. There was always someone taking turns to chauffer us around. Uncle Arthur & Aunty Linda were there to pick us up at the airport on the first day when we arrived.

This is a picture of Uncle Arthur.

Because he drove us around so much on the first day, we could only recognise him from the back.

This is Aunty Linda. She is a very busy person. She is supposed to be on leave that day. And this is how she looks like when she's on leave.

We didn't get to speak to Aunty Linda from the moment they picked us up at the airport until about 2 hours later. All throughout the ride, she was on her phone. Even though she was sitting next to us, I felt like calling her (on my phone).

Her mobile phone has become a permanent fixture on her face eversince. Without it, we will not recognise her immediately.

This is Megan. She is Nee's 9-year old cousin.

She is the most creative & artistic little thing that I've ever seen. Despite her petite physical frame, she packs enough horsepower to outperform Britney Spears on stage.

We know that everybody talks and nobody listens during big dinner events. When there's a speech going on, people talk. When the food comes, people still talk with food in their mouths. But let me tell you this. When Megan sings, people's food drop out of their mouths.

This is a video of her doing a little dance at home. Her sister Sheila is playing the piano. Please remember that this is unrehearsed, and is as candid as can be.

She is a 9-year old 16-year old trapped in a 6-year old body.


Fern said...

OOhh bravo Megan! Encore!!! =)

Roger said...

omg my jaw drops when I see this

NEE said...

yeah she is a little dynamite. you guys miss the fun. most cousins were back. except for michelle, you two, sophia and oscar.

and you should hear her sing, i think she got the voice.. rather powerful for her age.

Wedge said...

she is totally talented!!i could never dance like tt even if my life dpended on it. most amzing of all, she danced naturally w/o any choreogrphed steps. n Sheila's piano-playing is beyond words!

Anonymous said...

oops. tt was me, terri.

cooknengr said...

Impressive, I am Piano blues fan, please encourage Sheila to start improvising, keeping the 12 bar blues baseline on the left hand and come out her own tune with her right. Play music with ear not with reading the notes. Hopefully, one day will have a Sibu born Boogie woogie piano player.


KittyCat said...

Wow, both girls are GREAT! It's only a matter of time before their talents are tapped :)

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