Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Blog Glitch!

To Our Dear Hundreds of Thousands of Readers,

Sorry about the glitch yesterday. Half of Malaysia must have been trying very hard to get into our blog unsuccessfully. Advertisers have been calling us threatening to withdraw their million-dollar advertising contracts.

However, we have solved the problem already and Greg & Nee is back on the Go!

Our apologies if not being able to read our blogs have caused you any form of inconvenience, temper tantrums, emotional distress, self-mutilation, avian bird flu, hand foot & mouth disease, brain damage, blot-clotting, deep depression, cancer, physical violence, & mental disharmony.

We are also sorry if we've caused the KLSE index to drop 5 points. It was unintentional.

You can read about what actually happened here.

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