Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Banquet: A Restaurant in Overboard Mode

You'd think that you've arrived at Kuching International Airport when you see this.

But then next to it is a grill & lounge.

And then right in our face is the largest signboard in the world.

This is probably the most kiasu restaurant signboard in the whole of Kuching. You cannot miss it. Wherever you turn your head, it's there. You can even see it with your eyes closed.

This signboard is so huge that when Grandma sees it, it will scare the generations out of her.

But once you're inside, it's not bad at all.

You'd feel like you're in a hotel restaurant.

You can see the stage behind. It's obvious that they cater for wedding dinners, Grandpa's still-alive 100th birthday celebrations & other special political dinner functions.

I wanted to say this photo is not bad. But then I changed my mind since it wasn't good either.

It's very difficult to find good dim sum in Kuching.

They're probably as rare as the Sumatran Rhino.

So when we first heard about this place, we went crazy.

Nothing much in there. Yup, it's rare alright.

The prices here are a bit on the higher side.

This is how the menu works. They just circle whatever you order.

We heard that the restaurant was built by a guy who used to work with MBKS. That means a lot of kang tao. Apparently he quit his job & became something like an independent contractor & made his money there.

We thought it was the guy in blue but it wasn't. He's probably a partner or a manager.

The dim sum comes in this high tech trolley with wheels. Since there was no one there, I was wondering whether it was on remote control.

It had real power.

You could tell by now that this blog entry has a lot of photos. Yes, although it was a cloudy day, there was ample light, and I was just shooting away like a mad food paparazzi.

Greg & Nee presents to you the Dim Sum Photo Delight!

Nee: Yum Cha must have Siew Mai. Siew Mai is Nice. Crunchy and fresh.

Greg's Yum Cha Must have, Feng Chaw ~ translated Phoenix Claws. Just good old chicken's feet.

Xioa long bao. Really no good cause too dry. The good ones usually have gravy squirting out when you bite into them. This one was a Sahara desert pao.

Scallops Dumpling. Same as Shark's fin Dumpling. So so.

Shark's fin Dumpling. Expensive but taste like Siew mai and har goa combined. No good.

Another dim sum must have, Har Goa. Nice. Skin light yet chewy and filling crunchy and fresh.

Cheo Cheong fen. can tell by looking at it. Need I say more.

Beancurd rolls. So so also. Taste the same like the rest.

Char Siew Bao. Chicken Version. insults. Pork does taste better. But skin is wonderful light and spongy. I'm sooooo jealous.

Gan Zhoa Nu Her. Beef with Kuey Tiaw. So so only. The wok breath is really not enough. Tasted better ones before.

The Whole Dim Sum Family photo.

One thing that you'll notice about The Banquet is that it puts a lot of effort into its interior decor. This water feature would probably make you feel like swimming in it.

But please don't do that, it's actually a men's urinal. A sexy one with see-thru windows.

Kid: Look Ma! Can see people pee inside.
Mother: Where? Oh. Yes, I see. Mmmh. Yes. Wait a minute.

Hey son, cannot see hah!
Afterwards say bak chiam! (grow eye neddles)

This toilet is just too classy. My pee wouldn't even come out. I am not worthy.

Nee: Ehm the above slightly more intelligent comments are by me. The rest you know la.

Banquet rated 6.5-7/10 for Dim Sum. 10/10 for Toilet and Deco.


IguanaKia said...

Is this the one at 4 1/2 mile?
Nice or not the food there?
Out of 10, score how much?

Anonymous said...

I can not solve.

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