Saturday, April 2, 2011

Much Ado About Poo

After 3 days of constipation, Baby Kay finally poo-ed yesterday. I don't think it was as much an ordeal for her as it was for us. Baby Kay was probably thinking what's the fuss while her mommy & daddy and the omnipresent grandparents shouldered the worry. The grandfather was hovering on the phone the whole day about the matter, and the grandmother couldn't get over why she wasn't informed when the little yogurt-like thing finally came out. We thought we should have published the news in Borneo Post.

This is not normally something that we'd write about, and definitely we're not keen to continue this trend of keeping up with every one of Baby Kay's poos, pees, burps & farts. If we did that, it wouldn't do her well. Imagine one day when she's all grown & she finds this blog. Or worst, when her friends find it. With that in mind, we'd skip the visual description of the you-know-what.

Apparently, we were told, when we brought Baby Kay to the doctor, the digestive system of babies in the second month after birth  go through a period of haywired-ness. And this has got nothing to do with the formula, but more because of the intake of breast milk. Interesting isn't it?
Well, we're trying to understand that as well. We're thinking maybe breast milk contains a lot of water and that makes the digestion easier as more of it comes out in the pee, rather than the poo. But that's just our own rationale and we may make more sense to ourselves rather than to someone else. Please don't laugh at us as we are still at parenting 101.


Roger said...

That's a typical foochow woman look.

Yun said...

She got Nee's dimple.. cute.
Congraz Nee and Greg. ^^

Yan said...

Look so much like the great mum!

terri@adailyobsession said...

breast-fed baby poo is very soft, n very constant. fed her less formula or none at all to encourage more milk! one thing i find is tt omnipresent grandparents (esp in laws, you figure which side i'm pointing at) are not a boon, bc they can fuss n comment too much. if the cow is relaxed, there'll be easy 'let down' of milk. let the cow relax, shove out the grandparents until baby is 4 months old. one thing i learnt, n only practised with the 2nd n 3rd kids, was to politely n firmly tell visitors tt i needed rest n can they abstrain from visiting until i'm better.

Nee said...

Roger: She is 3/4 foochow ba.

Yan and Yun: Thanks. Dimples def mine or rather my mum's.

A Terri: My parents are super concerned all the time. As she is their first grandchild. My parents absolutely dotes on her. Compare to the other side (you figure which side i m pointing at)which are scarce, I absolutely love my parents for being here all the time as many times, the two of us are so lost esp now wo the confinement aunty (who is superb and a super good cook).

Well, i never did establish actual breastfeeding due to her days in the hospital when we have to express for her and everything is measured. oh well that is a long story (i can do a whole post on it), she is basically doing half expressed/pumped breast milk and the other half formula.

Rita said...

Nee, I fully expressed breast milk for my girl and I kept it going on for 2 years. If you have the milk, then do try and continue expressing although it consumes a lot of time. My girl also did not poo for 5 days and we were super worried, then I read that breast milk is so easily absorbed by the baby that by the time it reaches the "bum", there is nothing left to come out coz all has been absorbed. Keep it up.

Nee said...

hi Rita, that is what we figure as well when doc told us that it is breast milk that cause the no pooing. i would not call it constipation because her stools are very soft. Apparently if you do full breastfeeding, some babies could go up to 7 days.

I will def continue expressing as much as and as long as i could. In the earlier days when my nipples got sore and cracked from a real lousy pump and my milk got pink, my confinement lady hand expressed for me. We would collect every drop (droplets) and send to the hospital. Now i diligently apply papaya cream on my nipples to keep it moist after pumping. trying to find a balance so that i don overwork my nipples while give her enough. If nipples got injured, it will be bye bye breastfeeding. Thanks for your advice.

Annie said...

I was going to say exactly what Rita already said. Breastmilk is easy to digest thus most of it is absorbed by the baby thus less poop (and less stinky too).

It's tough-going to breastfeed but the rewards really outweigh the craziness in the beginning. I breastfed both my kids for a whole year each and it was totally worth it. It gets a lot easier after the first two months. Hang in there!

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